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Sugar @itswillymoon

Rockin’ that pink jersey crop top from Topshop I see. Come back soon! :*

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La princesa. (at The Grove)

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Fuck them.

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Natalia: “I don’t know which one to get” *Puts both knit crop top sweaters up* (Ones pastel pink and the other pastel blue)
Me: “Well lets see which one looks better with your skin tone” *I put one of them against her arm*
Natalia: *Looks at me with them eyes* “They both do!” *Snatches them, smiles evilly and struts away*
Me: *I smile and laugh* “Have a good night!”
Natalia: “Thanks! Goodnight!” *Smiling and giggling*

It was so nice meeting Natalia Kills the other day at work. She’s such a sweetie pie and definitely not a diva. She went into the regular fitting rooms (Topshop has VIP fitting rooms for when celebs or special guest are in the store) and was not rude at all.

natalia kills for nylon

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Natalia Kills for Wetheurban

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Anonymous asked: do u play the kim k game

No I don’t.

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